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   Any work on a project begins with a meeting and meeting with customers. Sometimes projects last for more than one year and it is very important to choose each other for fruitful collaboration at the initial stage. Over many years of experience, we have come to the conclusion that the cost of the project is calculated individually, only after a conversation and study of the client's needs. Someone needs to develop furniture with complex elements, and someone wants to see a minimalist approach, which certainly affects the designer's labor costs.

If we liked each other and our views on design coincide, then the next step is to measure the projected premises and sign an agreement.  


  First stage

1. Questionnaire-task. We analyze your wishes in detail, ask questions about each room.

2. Measurements of the premises (actual, not according to BTI). Measurement drawing. If necessary, we use laser 3D scanning

3. Photo fixation

4. Redevelopment options with furniture arrangement. We provide 2 options and most often of them the third is born - ideal

5. Plan of installation of partitions

6. Plan for dismantling partitions

7. Plan after redevelopment with explication of premises

Second phase

1. Stylistic solution of the interior, author's concept

2. Preparation of a proposal for the design of the premises

3. Visualization of the interior (collages PhotoShop or ArchiCAD + hand drawing), 1-2 images per room in color. All sketches in color are made according to the approved plan with the arrangement of furniture.

4. Consultations in the selection of furniture. Reconciliation of the cost of main items

Third stage (technical part)

1. Plan of plumbing with reference

2. Floor plan with indication of the type of coverage

3. Layout of outlets and low-current electrical equipment

4. Plan of ceilings (with indication of coatings), necessary nodes and sections of the ceiling

5.Selection of lighting devices

6. Lighting layout plan

7.Plan of underfloor heating with reference to a thermostat (if necessary)

8. Layout of circuit breakers with reference to circuit breakers

9. Wall sweep in the main rooms

10. Unfold walls with tile layout

11. Door markings

12. Drawings of complex assemblies and sections (if necessary)

13. Estimate of finishing materials and furniture (for selected items)

* Photorealistic or 3D image - if necessary, negotiated and paid additionally. A set of services for a design project of one room is negotiated separately.

* Visits with the Customer or his representative in the salons to inspect the offered materials: light, curtains, furniture, etc. During the work on the project, 2 free trips are provided, additional trips are paid separately. Work on weekends is possible, negotiated and agreed in advance.

* The cost of the project depends on the style, terms of execution, the number of options discussed and changes made, etc.

* An accelerated deadline for the completion of a working project is negotiated individually



When the project is completed, we begin to start construction work. We have several teams with which we fruitfully cooperate and if they are free, we are ready to offer their services. We do not take projects where an urgent visit to the construction site is required before the completion of the project documentation, as this entails mistakes! Long-term practice has shown that in rare cases, the customer copes with the implementation of the project without supervision, without violating the proportions of the elements. Also, construction crews tend to simplify the project, justifying the fact that it is impossible to execute any units. We create projects with an understanding of materials, based on experience and modern technologies.   

In order for the project to fully comply with the idea, we recommend using the Designer supervision service. What does it consist of:

  • It is carried out by the designer and consists in monitoring the implementation of the project

  • On-site visit 1-2 times a week

  • Consulting builders on current issues

  • Making adjustments to the dimensions after the roughing stage (if necessary)  

  • Filling in the field supervision log

  • Photo report

* The designer controls the compliance of the work performed with the design project. At the same time, the designer is not responsible for the quality of construction and repair work (including hidden ones - wiring, etc.). The foreman of the construction team is responsible for the quality and timing of the repair work.



  • Remote assistance in project implementation  

  • Suitable for those who independently carry out repairs and doubt their abilities



  If you want to completely transfer the implementation process to us and you do not have time to send out the specification of materials and furniture to the salon managers, then the Atelier can take on the responsibility of completing the project :

  • Analysis of suppliers, preparation, verification, payment of invoices

  • Elaboration of several price options

  • Comparison of all finishes for each item in the room according to the design project

  • Search for analogs, if necessary

  • Development of drawings and agreement with the contractors of the parameters of furniture and items to order

  • Control of supplies and shipments of goods for non-stop work of the brigade

  • Handling complaints in case of problems

  • Negotiating with contractors and salons

  • Negotiating with foreign suppliers

  • Financial reporting  




  After the completion of the repair, the most interesting stage begins - the placement of accents and giving individuality through Decorating:

  • Selection of bedspreads, pillows and bed linen

  • Selection of cutlery, sets and tablecloths

  • Selection of sculptures and vases, paintings, graphics, books

  • Selection of accessories

  • Consultations on the selection of interior items

* It is possible to order a service without a project.


Upon completion of all stages, we conduct photography for our portfolio and further publication in the media. Photos from the shooting remain as a keepsake for customers.



One-time online consultation:

  • Analysis of the interior and assistance to those who do not know how to complete the renovation or want to make changes to the space

  • You send photos of the interior, layout and dimensions of the room to the post office in advance. Next, we arrange a "brainstorming" on Zoom  or WhatsApp. This type of work gives an understanding in which direction to move, what possible solutions to problems.


One-time visiting consultation:  

  • Suitable for those who have doubts about the choice of finishing materials or furniture. You send in advance detailed photos and videos of the premises, wishes and questions. Next, we go to the store or to the facility for a detailed analysis of the issues. Remote departure and work more than 3 hours is calculated on an individual basis.




  • Architectural design

  • Engineering design

  • Landscape design

  • Renovation work

  • Furniture restoration

  • Decorative art works

  • Lighting design

  • Technical Supervision

  • Furniture design



Valeriya Razumova Atelier of artistic interior design works not only in Russia, but also abroad. Mostly we have the opportunity to travel to Spain. The cost of business trips is negotiated individually.


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