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Atelier Valeriya Razumova completed a project for a shocking girl who drives a motorcycle and goes sailing, combining two one-room apartments with a total area of 114 meters. Concrete and brick were used in the decoration, specially processed by our artists. Wood floors from Ebony & Co, Jimmi & Martin furniture, Serje Mouille, Diesel Living, Ligne Roset. This project is a pure experiment and inspiration that has grown into a friendship with the customer.

The project is internationally recognized and featured in Andrew Martin vol. 25

Photographer Mikhail Loskutov
Julia Chebotar's style

The apartment is designed for a young family, with a total area of 64 meters. Tranquil monochrome interior interspersed with shades of blue and green. The kitchen-living room starts right from the doorway, which did not frighten the customers and made it possible to use most of the area with maximum benefit. In each room, built-in storage is provided and it is not visible visually, since the walls and furniture are made in the same range. As accents, we added wooden details to the foot of the table and accessories.

The project was published in Elle Decoration
Photographer Natalia Vershinina
Stylist Valeriya Razumova

Private apartments of 86 meters are made for our regular customers. A married couple who leads an active lifestyle and travels a lot, set the task of making the interior as comfortable as possible for receiving guests and accommodating a large amount of storage for sports equipment. Thus, we have a bright and functional interior with marine motives.

The project was published in Elle Decoration 
Photographer Natalia Vershinina
Style Ekaterina Naumova

An apartment with a total area of 112 meters is realized for a couple with two daughters. The whole family is professionally involved in sports, but in the interior they wanted to see a reference to a cozy and homely interior with notes of American classics. The project used an old brick from St. Petersburg, which was carefully laid by our craftsmen. 

Photographer Natalia Vershinina
Stylist Valeriya Razumova

Небольшой проект 45 метров создан для творческой девушки, которая любит винтажные и антикварные вещи. Многие предметы мебели уже были в коллекции хозяйки. Что-то передалось по наследству от бабушек, что-то покупалось на блошиных рынках Европы и в масс-маркетах. Получился яркий и эпатажный микс в сочетании со строгостью линий и форм.

Фотограф Константин Малюта
Стиль Валерия Разумова


Private apartments of 86 meters for our regular client are made in restrained colors with premium materials - wood, leather, stone.
The customer asked to create an apartment exclusively according to his taste, one might say the interior of a bachelor. Laconic, strict and maximum architectural style. The apartment has a spacious kitchen-living room overlooking the forest, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The floor was finished with varnished American walnut, and the walls were decorated with neutral celadon-colored plaster. The apartment is currently being successfully rented, and the design has significantly increased its value.


We have completed a project of 51 meters in a minimalist style for rent. The main task before us was to find a balance between the aesthetic component and the price of finishing materials and furniture. Also, it should be noted that the project was carried out in a very short time and we used sketches and basic drawings necessary for implementation to approve the concept.
We deliberately did not focus on art or decor and depersonalized the project so that potential tenants could personalize the interior themselves.


In the process of implementation.

Высотка на Баррикадной
Концепция проекта (в процессе проектирования)
К нам обратилась семья с просьбой выполнить проект в знаменитом доме с великолепной архитектурой. Задача и миссия Ателье - сохранить существующую лепнину, отреставрировать окна и двери, а так же разместить коллекцию искусства хозяев. 


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